Mobile Hybrid Solar Power System

Products that can solve the high cost problem of fixed solar power generation methods and conveniently supply power by vehicle towing such as underprivileged areas, outdoor venues, parks, and construction sites.
A product configuration that can reflect customer requirements for use in various industries.

1 Growth of the industry

The limitations of the existing solar power generation industry due to excessive cost of solar power generation facilities, purchase of used sites, and space utilization.
Solving problems such as purchasing space and used site.

2 Competition factor.

Pre-developed products focus on large-capacity markets by incorporating air conditioning systems in the form of containers.
To develop, ITEM secures competitiveness with various service models with convenience of movement and integrated structure.

3 Characteristics of economic fluctuations.

Revitalize the market due to increased demand for batteries and falling prices caused by global market changes.
Marketing possibilities are confirmed through communication with foreign companies, such as pre-market research of developed products, and sales are expected to increase regardless of economic fluctuations.

4 Related laws or regulations

In the domestic market, when a trailer structure is connected to a vehicle, it is reported in accordance with the vehicle registration law under the Road Traffic Act.
Developing countries in foreign markets are not subject to laws and regulations.
In response to product certification and legal regulations through the establishment of local corporations (branches) by resolving legal regulatory problems such as ASEAN and the Middle East.